Our Team

The McGill Students' Flying Club is always proud of its diverse team of aviation enthusiasts and pilots. Meet our executive team for the 2023 - 2024 academic year!

Michael Zhou

Michael is a pilot and one of the co-presidents of the club. He is in his second year of Mechanical Engineering and is planning to get a minor in aerospace. Since a young age he has fallen prey to the charms of mother nature – both its breathtaking landscape and the mind-blowing scientific laws that shape the world; no magic brings them together better than aviation. He started flying in the Prairies, receiving his PPL on the flatlands of Saskatchewan. Fascinated by the theory of flight, he has decided that one day he will design his own big jets. Outside of school, he is a big fan of natural documentaries, video games, association football, and math.

Estelle Huy

Estelle is a U2 Mechanical Engineering Student and one of the co-presidents of the club. After completing her first commercial flight at age six when her family moved to Canada from France, she was terrified at the idea of doing it again. But with enough back and forth, fear turned passion and she passed her PPL before heading to McGill. Perhaps to mock her previous fear, she now hopes to get into aerobatics. Aside from her studies and passion for aviation, she can be found editing photos or on outside ventures.

Valentine Huy

Valentine is a U2 Mechanical engineering student from Strasbourg, France. She passed her private pilot license during high school at the age of 17 years old. With a passion for aviation and aerospace, she dreams of one day working in these exciting fields. When she’s not flying or studying, you’ll find her recording episodes of her Le Trio podcast with her twin sister and brother, outside playing some kind of sport, or designing and manufacturing a formula one car with the McGill Formula Electric club.


Brigit is a U1 Mechanical Engineering student from Ottawa, Ontario. She has no flight experience, but is training with the Canadian Armed Forces; when she finishes her degree at McGill, she will begin courses to become a pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Force. She first got interested in aviation by reading about astronauts who train in planes for spaceflight. In her free time, you’ll find her playing the violin, reading books, and traveling.


Louise is a U1 Mechanical Engineering Student. She started flying at the age of 16 and earned her private pilot license at 17. With a deep-rooted love for nature and the vast open skies, Louise aspires to channel her passion for flight and innovation into aerospace research, with a fervent commitment to making the industry more eco-responsible. In her spare time, Louise enjoys hiking and camping as well as taking part in McGill's rocket team, embodying her dedication to engineering and exploration.


Youdas is a U1 Software Engineering student. His passion for aviation stems from his journey in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program where he obtained his Private Pilot License. You'll find him exploring new ventures all the time, whether it's philosophy, entrepreneurship, or simply enjoying life with friends! He hopes to get into aerobatics and do some crazy stuff!

Meiri Tsuruzono

Meiri is a U3 student majoring in Economics at McGill. She is the VP Events for the 2023-2024 year. Aviation was always an irreplaceable part of her life, and she hopes to take part in organising exciting events for fellow aviation lovers this year! Besides aviation, her passions are travelling, playing the violin, listening to jazz, and musical theatre.

Lutming Wong

Lutming is a U2 joint honors student in economics and finance. He has been playing flight simulator since the age of 10 and has more than a decade of flight simulator experience. What inspired Lutming to fly was his father, who works as an air traffic controller. He was brought to the airport and into the tower quite often to spot planes when he was a little kid. Lutming is currently in training to get his pilot’s license in the not-so-far future; aviation is his dream, and nothing can stop him from pursuing that dream. He wishes to become an airline pilot one day.


Elio is a U2 Mechanical Engineering student planning to minor in aerospace. Fascinated by the aviation world from a young age, he started his passion by visiting cockpits, going plane spotting, and gathering hundreds of hours on flight simulators. He enrolled in an internship at his local aeroclub, where he got to fly his first Cessna, and he's been planning on getting his PPL ever since. During his free time, you will find him flying on VATSIM, a flight simulator server where he has also acquired a virtual air traffic controller degree. He hopes to pursue his airline pilot dream after McGill, but until then, you will find him building drones for VFS and hosting fun nights with MSFC.