Past Executives

We cannot be where we are today without the continued hard work of each and every one of our executives. Below is a chronological list of executives with whom we've had the pleasure of working with, and whose hard work has shaped the club in their unique ways.

Haoning Qu

Haoning graduated with a major in biology and completed his Chief Flight Instructor’s rating. What started out as a hobby rapidly turned into a second career about midway through his private pilot’s license. Since then, he has progressed along the traditional “pilot pipeline” collecting his commercial pilot’s license, group 3 instrument rating, and multi-engine rating. As the most experienced MSFC member, he aims to harness the potential offered by this year’s fresh and incredibly diverse team to reinvigorate the MSFC and ensure that it continues to flourish in its second decade.

Celina Wan

Celina is a mining engineering student with a B.Sc. in Biology and mathematics. She spends her summer weekends skydiving and enjoys packing parachutes. In class, she fantasizes on flying instead of listening to her lecture. When she is not skydiving, she enjoys cooking, going to the gym and attempts to make her pole dance moves look good but looks more like a clumsy panda sliding down its bamboo.

Daniil Lusus

Daniil is in his fourth year of Mechanical Engineering with minors in German and Computer Science. He hopes to one day get a Private Pilot's License and skydiving qualification. He is also passionate about aeronautics and aerospace, and hopes to one day work in the space sector. In his free time, you can catch him playing intramural volleyball, reading and building rockets.

Su Su

Su is a U2 student from Materials Engineering. She was born and grew up in Beijing, China. In the three and half years, she finished high school and Cegep in Montreal and got offer from both Materials Engineering and Pharmacology of McGill. With the choice of being an engineer, the journey is just started! She loves sports and trying new activities like skydiving! Her dream is scuba diving and skydiving around the world! Fun fact: Holiday for her means diving!

Nirvair Chawla

Nirvair was involved in MSFC's marketing efforts. She studied Biology at Concordia and is currently a management student at McGill.

Justin Berube

Justin was the fourth co-president along with Alex Farnsworth. He started his aviation ambitions with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, flying since he was 16 y.o., and obtained his Private Pilot License (PPL) at 17. He taught the theory of flight at his local squadron until he aged out, and occasionally flew at the SaintJeansurRichelieu airport. When on the ground, Justin is active in Canadian politics, travels, and is involved with local and student life. Interesting Fact: Justin also plays the Great Highland Bagpipes (wears the kilt too!).

Theo Vala

Théo was VP Finance at MSFC. He is a second year Management student studying Marketing and Information Systems. He was born in Paris, France but moved at the age of 8 to Atlanta, GA. After spending his middle and high school years in the USA, he chose to attend McGill University. His passion for aviation has stuck with him throughout his entire life, and after discovering that McGill had a Flying Club, he directly applied for an exec position, as well as PPL classes. He currently is doing a three year internship at Delta Airlines, and hopes to one day work within this fascinating aviation industry. Other than his passion for aviation, Théo is an avid skier as well as being a drummer for the last 10 years.

Emanuel Uzan

Huzaifa Khanani

Lara Goxhaj

Lara was a Ground School coordinator at MSFC. She studied Computer Science and Physics at McGill. She has a regular habit of being drawn into diverse projects, and can often be found working on applications of artificial intelligence, ultrafast transportation technologies, and anything tech or science related that catches her fancy. When taking a breather from her many projects, she can be found painting, working on her bike, or headed on outdoor adventures.

Alex Farnsworth

Alex is currently managing Pilot for a Day events. Previously, he served as the fourth co-president along with Justin Berube. Alex studied electrical engineering at McGill. He grew up in the Kootenays of British Columbia where the mountains are what turned his head towards the sky. He has his Private Pilot's license as well as Glider instructors rating. When he’s not doing DPM or trying to figure out C++, you can find him scouting out the latest allyoucanfinish sushi restaurant. Interesting Fact: Every summer Alex has taught 15-17 year olds how to fly, they all have their license!

David Alexander Smith

A bilingual student attending McGill University for electrical engineering while simultaneously advancing my aviation career, I have a passion for everything electrical and aspire to apply my combined knowledge in both fields. I want to emphasize safety in aviation while teaching important skills in a safe environment!

Celine Oubbet- VP Finance

Hometown: Montreal, Canada / Aix en Provence, France
Major: International Business and Finance
Year: U3

Hey! I'm Celine I'm a Finance student here at Mcgill. Flying has always been a dream and I'm planning on getting my PPL soon. In my downtown I'm either in my kitchen baking some fancy dessert, walking outdoor, playing some drum or at the gym.

Luis Alvarez- VP External

Hometown: Montreal, Canada / Mexico
Major: Architecture
Year: Alumni

Hi my name is Luis Alvarez, recent architecture grad student. I worked for the passed few years in Toronto, and now back in Montreal I hope to pass my Architecture Examination Exams, and finish my PPL. Besides my passion for design, aviation and travelling. I love sports and if I am not drawing, or flying you will find me playing footy or training for my first Ironman.

Zephir Lorne - VP Events & Design

Hometown: Montreal, Canada / Aix en Provence, France
Major: Computer Science and Neuroscience
Year: U2

Zéphir is a U2 student in Computer Science & Neuroscience. Avid of new challenges and the unexpected, Zéphir took a gap year before entering university to experiment, work, travel, and pass his Private Pilot’s License. Aside from his studies and his passion for aviation, Zéphir enjoys playing the drums, creating videos, climbing, tinkering, and spending some time in nature. His motto: Be spontaneous, Defy perspectives.

Sariel Coronado- VP Events

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: U3

Sariel is a U3 Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Computer Science. He is a fan of simulators, flight dynamics, and cloud spotting. His favorite clouds are Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds. Having completed his PPL requirements this summer, all that is left for him to get his license is the flight test, so wish him luck!

Josh Ptack - VP Fundraising

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: U1

Josh is a U1 Mechanical Engineering student from Montreal. His passion for aviation draws its roots from growing up on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and its successors. He is a licensed glider and private pilot and continues to instruct in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program, teaching theory of flight, meteorology and navigation. He also serves as a McGill representative in the Regroupement Relève d’Aéro Montréal. He enjoys playing piano and overspending on food.

James Ting - VP Web Developer

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Major: Computer Science
Year: U3

James is a U3 Science student, and is currently studying a major in Computer Science. Growing up in British Columbia, he has always had a fascination with aviation. At the age of 16, he earned his Glider Pilot’s License and earned his Private Pilot’s Licence one year later. Recently, he has earned his Night Rating, his Multi-Engine Rating, and is now working on his Commercial Pilot License, and Multi-Engine IFR Rating. In his free time, he likes to build software, play intramural ultimate, and experiment with new recipes.

Bruce Thomas Miles - VP Support

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: U3

Bruce is a U3 Mechanical Engineering student who is minoring in Software Engineering. He is very passionate about aviation and various aircrafts as well as simulation. As a hobby, he enjoys playing guitar and cooking.

James Curran- VP Ground School

James is the VP Ground School for the McGill Student's Flying Club.

Rumi Ausaf- VP Simulator

Rumi is the VP Simulator for the McGill Student's Flying Club.

Arek Froundjian- VP Pilot for A Day

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: U2

Arek is the VP Pilot For A Day for the McGill Student's Flying Club.

Justin Matta- VP Simulator

Justin is the VP Simulator for the McGill Student's Flying Club.

Amogh Kulkarni- VP Sponsorships

Amogh is in his third year studying Computer Engineering at McGill. He always wanted to be an astronaut, but life happened. When you do not find him working, you will usually find him creating new playlists or in the kitchen experimenting with flavours. If you want to spend hours talking about the universe, feel free to hit him up!