Elite 8.6 - Flight Simulator


The Elite 8.6 simulator has been the most tried-and-true way of training for intrument procedures. The 30 hours of instrument training will be prohibitively expensive in an actual aircraft, hence Transport Canada allows the substitution of 15 hours using a certified flight simulator. The Elite system allows you to fulfill those 15 hours at the lowest cost.


The control layout of the Elite 8.6 system allows for the simulation of single-engine and twin-engine aircrafts. The six-axes throttle quadrant allows for the simulation of both fixed-pitch propellers (like those found in Cessna 172s) as well as constant-speed propellers (like those found in Cessna 182s and Piper Aztecs). The switches also fulfills the esssential functions in almost all instrument training aircrafts.

Radio Stack

The radio stack layout of the Elite 8.6 allows the switching between no GPS equipment and a Garmin GNS430w. The equipment can be used to match the avionics layout of real instrument training aircrafts. In fact, the Elite is equipped to train for procedures many real aircrafts cannot replicate. Very few trainers have DME equipment due to its lack of use, but the Elite allows you to see the DME arc approaches that real aircrafts are no longer able to fly.