McGill Students' Flying Club

In a short span, McGill Students' Flying Club has become one of Canada’s largest student-run aviation organizations. Operating from McGill University in Montreal, McGill Students' Flying Club provides a platform for its members to engage in flight training and other aviation-related activities. Our mission is to promote aviation and aerospace fields and foster a growing community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Be part of a community that shares your passion!

On-Campus Courses

In partnership with local flying schools, MSFC offers on-campus theory lessons (Ground School) for the Transport Canada Private Pilot's License (PPL) at exclusive discounts, as well as flying lessons (at discounted hourly rates) with certified instructors at various Montreal area partner flight schools.


MSFC provides countless opportunities for aviation enthusiasts of every level to take part in activities, such RC flying, desktop flight simulation, plane spotting, participating in air shows and aerospace conventions, skydiving, gliding, and other aviation-related activities.

A Community of Pilots

MSFC brings together McGill's and Montreal's community of pilots in a diverse network to promote aviation and engage in the advancement of flight training practices.

Club Divisions

Ground School (GS) Division

The GS Division is tasked with organizing ground schools associated with a particular license. It has organized the Private Pilot License (PPL) Ground School on campus since 2012.

Skydiving (SD) Division

The Skydiving Division manages tandem-jump events for beginners, organizes indoor wind-tunnel exercises during winter, and offers AFF/PFF courses leading to the Solo Licence.

Pilot for a Day (PFD) Division

‘Pilot for a Day’ events are a great opportunity for non-pilots to catch the flying bug, as well as for pilots to build their flying hours in an affordable way by splitting cost with members they’re flying.

Flight Sim (FS) Division

MSFC can provide its Flight Sim gear: Yoke/Control Column, Throttle quadrant, Rudder pedals etc. for use within a Desktop Flight Simulation environment.