Alex Farnsworth - President

Alex studies electrical engineering at McGill. He grew up in the Kootenays of British Columbia where the mountains are what turned his head towards the sky. He has his Private Pilot's license as well as Glider instructors rating. When he’s not doing DPM or trying to figure out C++, you can find him scouting out the latest allyoucanfinish sushi restaurant. If his moves at New City Gas don’t impress you, then make sure to join him when he’s back at it again with the white (rental) vans for our PFD events. Interesting Fact: Every summer Alex has taught 1517 year olds how to fly, they all have their license!

Lauren Nagel - External

Lauren is in her third year at McGill studying Molecular Biology and International Development Studies. She is working towards completing her Recreational Pilots License and is the proud new owner of a 1976 Cessna 172. In her free time, she enjoys activism, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. Fun fact: she considers herself a master prankster though this is yet to be confirmed.

    Su Su - Finance

    Su is a U2 student from Materials Engineering. She was born and grew up in Beijing, China. In the three and half years, she finished high school and Cegep in Montreal and got offer from both Materials Engineering and Pharmacology of McGill. With the choice of being an engineer, the journey is just started! She loves sports and trying new activities like skydiving! Her dream is scuba diving and skydiving around the world! Fun fact: Holiday for her means diving!

    Daniil Lisus - Skydiving

    Daniil is a second year Mechanical Engineering student from Toronto, Ontario with a minor in Computer Science. Though fairly new to skydiving and flying he hopes to one day have a pilot’s license and send at least one thing into space. On a typical day, you can find him making puns, eating an endless amount of sushi and reading random NASA articles. If seen feel free to solve his latest comp assignment.

    Celina Wan - Skydiving

    Celina is a mining engineering student with a B.Sc. in Biology and mathematics. She spends her summer weekends skydiving and enjoys packing parachutes. In class, she fantasizes on flying instead of listening to her lecture. When she is not skydiving, she enjoys cooking, going to the gym and attempts to make her pole dance moves look good but looks more like a clumsy panda sliding down its bamboo.