Lauren Nagel - Co-President

Lauren is currently completing her Masters degree in the Division of Experimental Medicine at McGill. She has been flying for two years, completing her RPP and recently her PPL in her 1976 Cessna 172. Lauren also works for the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association working on marketing and outreach. In her free time, she loves to play soccer, cook, and make jokes.

    Daniil Lisus - Co-President

    Daniil is in his fourth year of Mechanical Engineering with minors in German and Computer Science. He hopes to one day get a Private Pilot's License and skydiving qualification. He is alos passionate about aeronautics and aerospace, and hopes to one day work in the space sector. In his free time, you can catch him playing intramural volleyball, reading and building rockets.

    Alex Farnsworth - PFD

    Alex is currently managing Pilot for a Day events. Previously, he served as the fourth co-president along with Justin Berube. Alex studied electrical engineering at McGill. He grew up in the Kootenays of British Columbia where the mountains are what turned his head towards the sky. He has his Private Pilot's license as well as Glider instructors rating. When he’s not doing DPM or trying to figure out C++, you can find him scouting out the latest allyoucanfinish sushi restaurant. Interesting Fact: Every summer Alex has taught 15-17 year olds how to fly, they all have their license!

    Su Su - Finance

    Su is a U2 student from Materials Engineering. She was born and grew up in Beijing, China. In the three and half years, she finished high school and Cegep in Montreal and got offer from both Materials Engineering and Pharmacology of McGill. With the choice of being an engineer, the journey is just started! She loves sports and trying new activities like skydiving! Her dream is scuba diving and skydiving around the world! Fun fact: Holiday for her means diving!

    Haoyi Qiu - Communications

    Emanuel Uzan - Events

    Ali Najmaldin - External

    Huzaifa Khanani - Ground School