Past Execs

Celina Wan

Celina is a mining engineering student with a B.Sc. in Biology and mathematics. She spends her summer weekends skydiving and enjoys packing parachutes. In class, she fantasizes on flying instead of listening to her lecture. When she is not skydiving, she enjoys cooking, going to the gym and attempts to make her pole dance moves look good but looks more like a clumsy panda sliding down its bamboo.

Nirvair Chawla

Nirvair was involved in MSFC's marketing efforts. She studied Biology at Concordia and is currently a management student at McGill.

Justin Berube

Justin was the fourth co-president along with Alex Farnsworth. He started his aviation ambitions with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, flying since he was 16 y.o., and obtained his Private Pilot License (PPL) at 17. He taught the theory of flight at his local squadron until he aged out, and occasionally flew at the SaintJeansurRichelieu airport. When on the ground, Justin is active in Canadian politics, travels, and is involved with local and student life. Interesting Fact: Justin also plays the Great Highland Bagpipes (wears the kilt too!).

Theo Vala

Théo was VP Finance at MSFC. He is a second year Management student studying Marketing and Information Systems. He was born in Paris, France but moved at the age of 8 to Atlanta, GA. After spending his middle and high school years in the USA, he chose to attend McGill University. His passion for aviation has stuck with him throughout his entire life, and after discovering that McGill had a Flying Club, he directly applied for an exec position, as well as PPL classes. He currently is doing a three year internship at Delta Airlines, and hopes to one day work within this fascinating aviation industry. Other than his passion for aviation, Théo is an avid skier as well as being a drummer for the last 10 years.

Lara Goxhaj

Lara was a Ground School coordinator at MSFC. She studied Computer Science and Physics at McGill. She has a regular habit of being drawn into diverse projects, and can often be found working on applications of artificial intelligence, ultrafast transportation technologies, and anything tech or science related that catches her fancy. When taking a breather from her many projects, she can be found painting, working on her bike, or headed on outdoor adventures.